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Re-Branding Tescos

tescos re-Brand
Although Tescos may have put many out of business I can only admire them for their diversity and growth as a business, going from food to tech and local to international.  At face value they may be seen as a mundane and common brand but in terms of thinking and strategy they tend to shift into new markets quite cleverly and successfully.
Despite all

7 start- up tips

startup tips      

In all honesty I’ve made most of the mistakes below myself at some point or another so whether you’re newly self-employed or a budding entrepreneur here are 7 mistakes to avoid when starting your new business. 

1.Don’t Wait

startup tipsYou have an idea for a product or service and want to become self-employed but… Continue reading

Beautiful You Identity Design

Beautiful You Identity Designac

Is beauty a thing of materialism?….Or a thing of nature?  Is it the way it’s makes you look?….Or is it how it actually makes you feel?

The same thing could be said about beauticians and the beauty industry itself and these were the questions we had to answer with the identity & web design of the Beautiful You… Continue reading

7 start-up mistakes that online shops make

online shop mistakes

The online shop is like an angelic beauty with a glowing halo attracting aspiring entrepreneurs to a land of gold.  What’s more tempting is that an online shop is cheap to run, it will be your shop, your business and you can do it all today, quickly and easily.  The online shop represents freedom.

In reality though, that angelic… Continue reading

14 Web Design Trends for 2014

2014 web design trends

In 2014 the four elements of graphic design, UX, copywriting and coding seem to have all aligned harmoniously to create better websites as a standard. 

Programing and graphic design are no longer competing, they’re collaborating.  Text and visuals are no longer fighting for individual attention.  They’re having a steamy affair instead.

Your Design Strategy for 2014

Design Strategy for 2014

Argos’s Alien Invasion will power into 2014 whilst the death of GoCompare’s Opera Singer will be coming soon and with any luck those annoying BT student adverts will also be taken off-air (only to be followed by another love story to sell broadband.) That’s their strategy but what’s yours? Do you have a design strategy in place for… Continue reading

14 CoachingTrends for 2014

coaching trends for 2014Over the years I’ve been fortunate to win dozens of coaches as clients and in doing so witnessed the evolution of professional coaching as it is today. 

From strategy and discipline to marketing and design I’ve seen and implemented these trends for clients and based on my experiences this year my predictions for coaching in 2104 will be: